How to prepare yourself by using the Forex demo account


Learning to speculate the price movement of the financial instrument is a very sophisticated task. You have to learn about technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis to become a skilled trader. The naïve traders in Australia jump into the investment world with real account and soon you will become frustrated after losing the initial investment. Stop trying to trade this market without having good knowledge of the investment business. Things are not as easy as they seem. The low-end brokers are always advertising that you can earn millions by trading. Though this true but they never highlight the hard fact about this market. On the other hand, the high-end brokers like Saxo, always think about their clients. In fact, they offer low leverage account so that naïve traders can’t open high volume trades.

So, how can avoid the risk factors and become profitable trader? Well, no one can avoid the risk factors of trading. The traders need to develop a balanced trading strategy by using the demo account and trade with managed risk. Today, we are going to highlight the key steps you must follow while using the demo account. If you can follow these tips, you can easily prepare yourself to trade the real market.

Forget about the profit

When you open a demo account, you need to forget about the profit factors. Accept the fact, you trading the market only to develop your skills. No matter how many times you blow up the demo account, you can easily start fresh. For the first week, trade the market according to wish. There are no restrictions just see how things go. It will help you to familiarize yourself with the basic features of the trading platform. After one week, you should work on the development process of your trading strategy. This is where greed will kick in. After winning some good trades, you will feel the urge to trade the real market. You must control this greed since you have to lot to learn about this market. Getting emotional about the demo trading results is a very big mistake.

Focus on consistency

After developing a draft trading plan, you need to demo trade the market for six months. Those who are searching for a good demo account, get it here and start learning the sophisticated business without risking any money. So you must focus on your consistency to improve your performance. To improve your consistency, you need to demo trade the market for a few months. But never think you will be trading the real market prior to the completion of six months. If you do so you are going to lose most of the trades. Trading is a job for the elite. If you intend to look for a shortcut, you should never try to trade the real market.

Develop a trading strategy

You must develop a valid trading strategy to earn consistent profit from this market. The majority of the traders are using gut feelings to trade the real market. But if you look at the skilled trades, it won’t take much time to develop your knowledge about this industry. Demo trading is the perfect place to test different kinds of trading strategies. First of all, try to replicate a trading method and see how things work. If you feel comfortable with your trading strategy, you need to switch to the real trading account. However, you must execute at least 50 trades before you start trading the real market. The more sample data you use, the better the trading system will be.


The use of the demo account should be considered as your top priority in order to develop your trading skills. Never trade with real money unless you feel confident in your trading method. Take your time and try to improve your skills by using a practice account. Once you feel confident, start trading with real money with low risk.

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