Choosing Caravan Insurance


One of the most important things when choosing caravan insurance is to ensure that you have a policy which will cover you for all eventualities and that you are fully protected. You should take care to consider what the policy covers, how much it costs and the level of cover that you require. You should never be tempted to cut corners on your caravan insurance in order to save a few pounds as this could prove expensive in the long run.

The caravan insurance market is wide and varied and there are many different ways that caravanners can go about getting the right caravan insurance for them. The choice of caravan insurance is ultimately up to the individual but there are general principles that should be followed in order to get an appropriate level of cover at an affordable price.

The first thing to consider when looking for caravan insurance is the type of caravan you have, its age and its value. Older caravans that have been used regularly will probably be worth more than those that have been used sparingly or not at all. For this reason, most insurers will charge a higher premium for older caravans. However, they may also be covered by a higher level of warranty.

The types of cover that caravan insurance policies provide include:

Third Party Liability: This covers any legal costs or claims made by other people who may be injured or suffer damage due to something which has happened within your caravan such as an accident.

Fire, Theft & Accidental Damage: This covers any damage caused by fire or theft, if you accidentally cause damage to something else with your caravan and the cost of getting your vehicle back on the road if it is damaged while being towed. Click here for more information.

Personal Accident & Sickness: This covers medical treatment when you are hurt because of an accident or sickness, including death in some circumstances. The amount of compensation payable for any personal injury is usually limited unless a court finds that someone else was at fault.

It is essential that you check the terms of your caravan insurance policy carefully before taking out cover.

Caravan Insurance premiums are based on a number of factors, including:

  • The value of your caravan
  • The length of time between insuring your caravan
  • Whether or not you have any existing medical conditions
  • Whether or not you have taken any precautions to reduce the risk of theft in the past
  • The type of van that you own
  • Whether or not it has been modified in any way
  • Whether or not it has been previously stolen
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