6 Signs Your Business Needs To Adopt Using A Payment Gateway


In today’s digital era, businesses not only have to maintain a higher online presence but also need to know how to leverage it. And when it comes to that, accepting payments online is the first and perhaps the most important step towards your digital transformation. However, if you’re still dependent on the traditional payment processing systems, then you’re about to suffer some serious consequences… Sooner or later. In this post, we will discuss some signs that show your business needs to adopt an online payment gateway as soon as possible. Let’s start!

6 Signs Your Business Needs To Adopt Payment Gateway Right Now

Here are the reasons why you need to switch to a reliable payment gateway system:

1.Increased Payment Processing Time

Complicated and time-consuming payment processing is the first sign that your business needs to collaborate with a payment gateway provider. In absence of a payment gateway, online businesses have to rely on the traditional payment processors that force customers to pay via old-age complicated payment methods. And when this happens, it imposes many challenges on the businesses and also ruins their customer experience. On the contrary, with a payment gateway, you can accept payments almost instantly, in a matter of seconds without making your customers wait.

2.Higher Operational Cost

Higher operational cost is another challenge businesses face in the absence of payment gateways. If your payment processing costs are resulting in negative profits, then you must switch to a payment gateway service as soon as possible. Usually, the payment processing cost combines the infrastructure cost, transaction charges, late payment penalties, etc. With a payment gateway, you can minimize all these charges and reduce your operational cost to a great level.

3.Security Concerns

Are you constantly worried about security breaches in your payment processing environment? If yes, then it’s a sign that you need to tighten your security, and what’s the best way to do it other than using a payment gateway solution. Today, the best payment gateways offer advanced security features like fraud detection, data encryption, PCI-DSS compliance, and a few others. Using the right system, you can provide great safety and security to your business as well as customers.

4.Customer Drop-off

If your business has slowed down and you’re struggling with customer drop-off and shopping cart abandonment rates, then a poor payment processing environment may be the one to blame. When customers don’t find their desired payment options on the checkout pages, they don’t take much time before leaving the site and shopping from your competitor’s site. A payment gateway offers customers multiple payment options like credit/debit cards, netbanking, UPI, wallets, e-cheques, etc. It provides them with the freedom to use their desired payment method and make smooth and quick transactions.

5.Scalability Issues

Lack of the right payment processing system can bring many obstacles in the path of the growth of your business. If you want to take your business to the global markets, you need to provide your target customers with their preferred payment methods regardless of the region or country they live in. This helps you in gaining their trust and establish your business successfully.

6.Complex AP Processing

Online businesses aren’t only about accepting payments. They also need to make payments to their suppliers, vendors, employees, partners, and stakeholders. Traditional and manual accounts payable processing can give rise to many challenges such as increased time, higher cost, delayed payments, etc.

With a payment gateway system, you can set your AP department to an autopilot mode.

And there you have it!!

If your business is showing any or all of these signs, then it’s the high time you should find and integrate a secure payment gateway with your website. And while you’re at it, click here to find the best payment gateway.

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